PAIRID is a website that allows you to create digital business cards, mini informational website for your business, wedding invitation cards, party invitation cards etc.

There are two types of user plans - Free and Paid. Advanced feautures require a subscription that is available for different cards at different prices. Create what you need and share it with your business partners, friends and family. Cheers!

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Our Aim

We are a Netherlands based company. Our aim is to provide a digital solution for all kind business and invitation cards. 

Carrying a physical card is now an old fashion. Why Should you carry a boring physical card while you can have a well designed digital card which is easy to share any time, anywhere. 

Stop using paper/plastic based old, boring physical card and get a virtual card right now.

" Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Nature "




Free Trial

Pairid provides a free trial for 14 days. In this time period, you can use and check the functionalities of digital cards. If find it useful, pay the subscription charge to keep it live.



Pairid allows you to get connected with a wide community of different businesses globally. Follow or unfollow anyone, anytime.


Online Shop

PAIRID provides you the option to create your own shop online. You can simply add you products with the card and get more customers to the shop.


CV maker

Create an interactive CV for your reference. A CV that can be downloaded in pdf format too. You can simply add your CV link with your job application.


Option To Add All Contact Details

You can add your contact information like phone number, email address and social media links easily.


One Click Share

PAIRID is too easy to share. Select the share option and send your digital card link to any person in a second.


Use Like A Mini Website

PAIRID can be used as a mini website that allows you to add products, payment details, images and videos.


One Click Action

PAIRID comes with some wonderful features such as Click to call, Click to messege and One click navigation to other things.


Unlimited Customization

PAIRID is easy to customize. Select any of given templates and customize it according to your requirement.


Why Only Pairid ?

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